Using DMX Values with Moving Lights

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Using DMX Values with Moving Lights

Post by dbander » Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:22 pm

I've always found it useful to be able to use exact DMX values for moving lights, but the Palette VL doesn't have a DMX button like my old 520i did. I can use normal dimmed fixtures using the [.] button, but when trying to adjust Pan or Tilt, all that the [.] does is give me a decimal of a degree. Not exactly useful.

Also, even if I DO use a decimal of a degree it will only show the degree output. Any way to change the setting to show two decimal places?



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Re: Using DMX Values with Moving Lights

Post by BobbyHarrell » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:18 pm

I personally find that DMX values are fairly meaningless in the world of the PaletteOS and the Universal Attribute Control. That's something that I don't miss at all but your mileage may vary.

On the display, it is unfortunate that it doesn't show more specific values but the important part is that it goes where you need it to. (Encoder for degree movement, Shift + Encoder for fine movement). Since I use position palettes for this info it's less of an issue for me.

I know it's that what you wanted to hear but it's just my 2 cents.
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