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Fade times on a Cue with look values

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:38 pm
by bennybosco

I am a new user with a strand Palette VL Ver 10.8.3. I am touring it with a cue to cue theatre style live music show. I started plotting look values to channels in cues for my changeover state so that i don't have to update a million cues every venue. This was great, so I decided to plot a new song the same way......But the problem I now have is with fade times. I never noticed this before because all of my changeover states crossfaded over 3 seconds.

I decided to plot a new single state using look parameters in a cue, with the syntax:
(all channels) [at] [look] (the look dialogue opens and I select sub page 3 look #13)[update] [cue 270.5]

I now have the little blue "L" next to all of my channels....all good. But if I am to alter the up and down time of cue 270.5 all of the channels attached to a look fade over 3 seconds (probably the default fade time of the desk/cuelist). I have tried altering the fade time in the look page, but this makes no change in the cue.....

Attached is an example showfile. cue 270.5 has all channels recorded at look subpage 3 #13 EXCEPT channel 102. as you can see the ch 102 fades out with the cue time, all other channels fade out over about 3 seconds.

Any Ideas?


Re: Fade times on a Cue with look values

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:58 am
by BrianEvans
You are correct in your observations.
"Time" in Palete carries the same properties as any other attribute.

What you'll need to do if you are referencing other items as you are,
is use independent timing.

The "Times" display is accesible above the fixture grid,
and times are applied like any other attribute.

You'd apply the the 7 seconds to any fixture you intend to fade long.

Re: Fade times on a Cue with look values

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:27 pm
by bennybosco
Thanks Brian. That now makes sense. But to me, (in a Cue based structure for a show) I would think that the cue time parameters would be higher priority than the looks' times. Is there any reason why that is not the case?.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Re: Fade times on a Cue with look values

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:44 am
by BrianEvans
I would think so,
you'll want to pass your findings through the proper Strand Support channel.
Since "Time" is an attribute, it is debatable.