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select one parametre by LookOther

Posted: Sat May 14, 2011 1:31 am
by PierTis

i'm looking for a direct attribut fixture selection to have in control ..TopThrust{S8 Lens 2/5}, Left{S8 Lens /5},TopAngle{S8 Lens 2/5},Shutter{S8 Lens 5/5}..

i try by PaletteOther
- Rec a LookType Other (AttributControl..):with "only" TopThrust
- Button Array Other Select...
No succes...

is there a way to access direct at TopThrust to controle it, at LeftThrust {S8 Lens 3/5}, back to Top by {S8 Lens 2/5}....
Perhaps Macro palette or Select AttributControl on ButtonArray LookOther..?

is it possible to have syntax : [Fix] {S8Lens} {Edge} [Full]..


Re: select one parametre by LookOther

Posted: Sat May 14, 2011 2:13 am
by warrenlaw
sofrware 10.8.3 allows attribute control on the submasters. the new help file gives a good explaniation. worked with my ancient lp live. must set type of control to attribute. best use so far is 5 or 7 color led fixtures.

warren law
little rock, ar

Re: select one parametre by LookOther

Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 2:45 am
by PierTis
Thanks Warrenlaw,
i know it and thinking to the next step .. on PaletteOther :
my question is on using Qwickways/DirectAccess in select attributs family : MacIIIPref. 6 Lens pages, AlphaProfil1500. 7 Lens pages

For example : VL3500 have 5 Lens pages
to focus it:
{S5 Position 1/2} roll Pan/Tilt
{S8 Lens 1/5} Zoom
{S8 Lens 2/5} TopThrust : (Press 1 time)
{S8 Lens 1/5} Zoom : (Press 4 time)
{S8 Lens 5/5} Shutter : (Press 4 time) :roll: :roll:

i would like to select a fixture
-push a button "Other" to select TopThrust
-and roll it directly :D