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Groups and attributes

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:57 pm
by soconnor
Here are a few things we learned last week (or thought we did). Any Ideas?

1.When F7 "Group look key page" in Show options is set to "None" Group button still shows "Group" on the command line. So a perfectly valid command ( Group 10 @ full Enter) appears fine but does not function. There is no indication that the problem is an unassigned key.

2.Entry is different in direct level entry than in Up and down commands. Seems inconsistant.

11 @ 5 Enter brings channel 11 to 50%

11 @ 50 Enter brings channel 11 to 50%

11 @ 05 Enter brings channel 11 to 5%

11 @ -50 Enter changes the value of channel 11 down 50%

11 @ -5 Enter changes the value of channel 11 down 5%

3.If a Group contains only fixtures that have colour attributes the "Color" option does not appear on the Skeys when you hit @, you must hit enter first.This is not true with individual fixtures.

This is also the case with Group ## + Group ## @

Fixture # @ S2 immediately show "colour" actually Color.

Group # @ (no change)

4.Tracking scrollers

This may be as designed it seems strange to me. I may be approaching this wrong. It happens with intensity or colour

Fixture # @ S6 (Color) M6 (Force delta)
selects current colour settings and places a delta beside the colour in the ML attributes display, Great.

Then Update Cue (current default#) S11 (track) Enter

Does not update the track the delta thru the following cues. Is this because there is no change in the current cue?

5. Getting a channel level from a previous cue

Fixture # Cue # Enter

Returns the level of the specified channel from the specified cue.Great.

It seems that it only does this if the fixture has a hard level in the specified cue . It appears not to work with tracked levels.

Fixture# @ Cue# (opens Dialog box) does work with tracked levels.

Re: Groups and attributes

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:33 pm
by TaineGilliam
Great points. Number 3 has bugged me for long time.