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Crossfade Looks Effects

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:57 am
by paulbeumer
Maybe this FX stuff has already been adressed by other users, in that case my apologies for reentering this item. Anyway i am still curious for thoughts and remarks workarounds for following.

I setup some looks under the faders to be used by a non-lightdesk-user to give him the posibility to improvise with lights and stage actions.....
Among other looks i made a (1) look with all top lights and i made a (2)look with the same top lights but with a random intensity effect running over them.
The intention was to give the possiblity by crossfading the two looks manually to fade out/in the effect and vice versa.

Sadly enough this did not work out. What happend was that during the manual downfade between the look (2) with effect and the upfade off the look (1)without effect, nothing happend during the first 50% off the fade, and then at 51% the look(1) without effect suddenly snapped in.

Any idea?

Paul Beumer

Re: Crossfade Looks Effects

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:26 am
by MickCrozier
Hi Paul.
Your problems sound about right. The automatic fx engine steals attributes that it's controlling. HTP is currently not available for these :cry:

your best bet is a bump chase - which works by automatically pressing the bump button through a sequence of looks of a given looks page.
type 'bump chase' into the keyword index of the help file

Re: Crossfade Looks Effects

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:48 pm
by paulbeumer
Hi Durisian,
Thanks for your reply.
I'll check out the bump chase help file.