Scroller colour profile Offset

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Scroller colour profile Offset

Post by IvanMunro » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:17 pm

Am I right in thinking that you can not offset individual frames in a scroller colour profile?
I was told you can offset the whole string but if you want to offset a single frame you have to record a colour look first.

The possible reason for this (as I was told) is that ofsetting the individual frames would complicate the use of the profile.
I personally do not agree. As I see it you would offset all frames for all scrollers (where needed) before you start programming at each location, which you would have to do if you created colour groups anyway.

The possibility of the offset being set wrong (from a previous location, swapped scroller unit or a nitwitt user) could be solved by having a 'clear offset' button in the patch colour profile window.

Now it seems we have profiles which we can use with a great feature like text match.
But if I have to create colour looks to be able to offset all of my frames this feature becoms useless.
Well almost uselles, if I want to use the text match I would have to check it in the colour profile first to see what is the closest available colour and then go to the same colour in the look.
I would be quicker getting out the swatch book and checking it myself;
(yes Jo I do exaggerate but you get my meaning ...).

If you offset the profile and then record the looks from the profile this would be solved.
You would just have to remember to update the profile colours and not the looks.

Now I also fear that when someone programs colours he might be using a mixture of the looks and the profile colours,
(the palettes are still quite new in the Flemish Opera so the users are all still adapting from the 500 series)
and when we move to our other venue we update the looks but all Q's recorded with the colour profile are still not on the exact scroller frame.

Our experience in the Opera is that we always have to offset a number of frames to ensure we always get the correct (complete) colour frames on our scrollers. At the moment I can only advise all the users to only record colour looks and not to use the profiles. Which is a shame as the text match is a feature which I'm sure some of our LD's would apreciate.

Ivan Munro
Head of lighting, Flemish Opera.
Ivan Munro

Head of lighting, Flemish Opera
Antwerp & Ghent, Belgium

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Re: Scroller colour profile Offset

Post by JohnGrimshaw » Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:59 pm

In the attached, I have used the offset fixture to make Scroller 1 shift its frame position (Offset is found in tools). This offset is applied to all cues for that fixture, and is applied to all frames in the string - so you only have to mark the offset once.

As you say, if you want to make individual offsets for each frame, then you should create Colour Palletes and use those. You can still text match to these "users" palettes - just Label them with how you want to refer to them.
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