Questions on Palette and Light Palette operation and features
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Post by mgutowski » Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:05 pm

I have an effect running, and then a cue that takes it out on a 3 count. The next cue brings back the same effect (like a pause for only a moment). Why is it that when I run that 3 count cue that takes the effect out, and before it can complete, i run the next cue, it reads the "new" effect as the old one, and fades it out even before it comes up? Shouldn't the new effect be different from the old? They ARE identical except for the cue number, but shouldn't that be enough for it to come back up?
When I reload the cue, it runs fine, but in my case I need it to snap. No one noticed me re loading the cue, hahaha, so it's all good. Any way around that?

turn off my HTP in the cue properties?
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Re: Effects

Post by RobertBell » Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:00 am

If you let the prior cue fade out - does it work as designed? Intgernally (to the code) we have a rule that if the FX is on the same attributes (fixtures) and is the same thing (sine/square etc.) then the paramaters of the FX are the only thing that should fade (i.e., slow down, larger offset). Maybe I'm not fully understanding your circumstance.

I don't use the DURATION paramater myself. I record new data to the cue that is to fade the FX out then just use cue time to kill it. If you ONLY recrod LIVE, then this often doesn't work for people.
1 through 10 are tracking at zero.
Add FX to 1 through 10 (base value is really still zero - but we force a hard zero when you add the fx)
Let FX track for a few cues
Grab 1 through 10 and set level to full (kills FX for you LIVE) then to zero (FX still dead - as desired)
Rec new cue using LIVE
After cue is recorded, the redundant hard zeros are automagically removed (that is the essense of our rec live not leaving redundant data)
FX will continue.

If you rec delta, the hard zeros that kill the fx do not get removed (as in this case - they are NOT redundant - they serve a purpose and that is to kill the fx).
Not sure this is going to help you, but it may help others wondering why their FX track when they don't want them to.
Robert Bell - Product Manager - Horizon Control Inc.

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Re: Effects

Post by golights » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:11 pm

Thanks for the reply Robert. I record live alot and could not understand why my effect tracked when I thought I had stopped the effect. Now I understand the process.

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