Go out channel with same time of Cue

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Go out channel with same time of Cue

Post by philpp » Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:48 pm

Somebody could he explain to me how the following manipulation. (with a very simple method)
Cue 1 with 1 thru 5 at Full
Cue 2 with 10 THRU 15 at Full Time 5s
you send the cue 1 on Stage (Go)
when cue it arrived, you addition the channel 8 at 50% by wheel ( I don't want record ou Updated this channel in cues)
Now puch the button Go for Cue 2, but I want that the channel 8 leaves with the cue 2 in same time (5s)
I can do this without problem on console 500, but with Palette or Lightpalette ?
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Re: Go out channel with same time of Cue

Post by BrianEvans » Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:20 pm

2 requirements for this to work.

Hardware Setup (F3)
Console (F12)
Uncheck "Hold Delta Levels"

2. The channel you want to go away must actually have a level in the cue.
Because the old 500 only had 1 cue list, there was no difference between 0%,
and 0% recorded value.

Because PaletteOS is a multi cue list environment, there is a huge difference between a channel being recorded as 0% (Hard value),
and a channel just not existing in a cue.
This is why Block cues do the trick, because EVERY channel has a hard value.

If a channel does not go out, rememeber the following syntax allows releasing a fixture in time:
Fixture Range
Shift + @ (Puts Release in time on command line)
Time Entry
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