scroller issues

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scroller issues

Post by tom » Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:56 pm

Sometimes we dont have the choice of what equipment to work with. In this case I've got a loads of scrollers, which work fine, but aren't all that accurate anymore. So the problem is, patched as 14 framed scrollers, the first and last coulpe of frames are fine. But theres alot of adjusting needed in the frames in between. Single scrollers need to be adjusted in certain frame sets. I've tried, with limited sucess, to porportionally patch the trouble makers. But that doesn't solve all the problems. The obvious solution is to make seperate profiles for the trouble making scrollers, bit thats alot of extra work. Charting out all those profile points sounds like a real pain.

So if i cant iron it out with the prop. patch my final solution will be to patch the scrollers as dimmers and manually make groups out of them, but that inolves alot more taping. Not to mention, not being able to use the rotaries anymore.

The way i'd like to see it solved would be to have the scroller profile connected to colour groups automatically, which you could then manually fine tune if needed.

Does anyone have wisdom for this problem?
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Re: scroller issues

Post by BrianEvans » Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:38 pm

It is very amusing to see this post,
because I am currently transferring a VERY large Disney show to Palette from Horizon
as a science project. (115 cue lists and 3,072 channels).
I had a similar problem.

The best solution in any situation is to plug the profile in with the correct frames,
and then just record the center frames into color palettes.

Remember you can scroll in "Fine" mode by holding "Shift" as you turn the color encoder.

I prefer to always work from palettes, selection is much faster, and if you find you have problems with allignment,
you only have to update a few palettes, instead of the whole darn show.
Brian Evans - System Specialist - Horizon Control Inc.

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